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Give your Framer-prototypes a third dimension
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Framer Form

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Framer Form is a Framer-module built with the purpose of exposing a simple API for rendering 3D-graphics. Its purpose is to take existing 3D-techniques & libraries and expose them in the Framer Environment. It is built to support common Framer-concepts like Animations, States & Events in mind.

What can you expect from this module?

As most people probably want to import their own models & 3D-meshes to their Framer Prototype, Framer Form will have solid support for a wide array of different file formats. Import anything from FBX, DAE & OBJ to JSON files, and have their respective materials applied with one simple line of code.

What does the syntax look like?

Framer Form aims to deliver an easy and familiar syntax for all its components. It's important to keep the entry-barrier low for users who are new to 3D, Web & Framer.



Date Summary Commit
2018-05-09 Models now have support for Texture Maps via a "map"-property. More information here. 4bb9b0e
2018-05-09 The stateCycle-method now takes an unlimited amount of arguments. fc89fdc
2018-05-08 The stateCycle-method now cycles between all available states if no arguments are specified. f2a1dfb
2018-04-11 Implemented support for damping inertia when Camera Orbiting. More information here. 0e8bec8
2018-04-11 Implemented support for 3DS-models. 9980f69
2018-04-10 Fixed animate-method on Models, Lights & Cameras. 5407e9e


Interactive Framer Prototype

Built with

  • Three.js
  • Framer Library
  • Inflate.js
  • Underscore.js


For any questions, highfives or concerns, please contact me on Twitter. If you find a bug, feel free to add an Issue to this repository.

Disclaimer - Google Analytics

This module has an Analytics-module built in that gives me some helpful information about Framer Form's users. It helps this module to become even better.

If you don't want to contribute with analytics, simply remove the file.

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