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exercise for practicing refactoring
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Product XML Refactoring Kata

For practicing approval testing and refactoring duplication.


It seems to me that adding tests to functional code is much easier than adding tests to stateful code. In this repo there are several functions and a fair amount of duplication. Your first task is to add test cases that will be good enough to support refactoring. I suggest using a coverage tool that also shows branch coverage. You might also try some mutation testing to assess how good your tests are.

Then when you're happy with your test coverage, your next task is to remove the duplication. (Note there is a branch 'with_tests' if you want to jump straight to this part of the exercise)

You might find it helpful to use the refactoring steps:

  1. Identify
  2. Prepare
  3. Extract
  4. Clean

I also suggest you use automated tool support as much as possible.


This exercise was inspired by the "Replace Implicit Tree with Composite" refactoring described in the book "Refactoring to Patterns" by Joshua Kerievsky

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