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TIY Week 1 HW Assignment - See for assignment instructions. (HTML and CSS Intro)
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HTML and CSS Introduction

Due Wednesday, February 03, 2016

After completing this assignment, you should…

Understand the building blocks of web development Be comfortable with the general requirements for submitting assignments :)

Performance Objectives

After completing this assignment, you should be able to effectively use:

HTML (and W3C validation) CSS Codepen

Details Deliverables

Links to your Codepen(s)

Normal Mode

Create a Codepen that contains at least 10 distinct HTML tags, and 10 different CSS properties.

Your HTML should be valid, semantic, and go at least four levels deep.

Your CSS should be valid and use at least three different selectors.

Hard Mode

In addition to normal mode, take a look at this Codepen. It's a reproduction of an actual problem that I helped a friend with recently -- the HTML in his page wasn't valid, and as a result there were a few rendering bugs.

text starts getting bold for no reason some content is shifted over to the left

Make a fork of the Codepen (just hit the "Fork" button on the top) and fix the HTML bugs.



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