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20161111 — Cartogram Hexmaps with Tilegrams

This session focuses on Tilegrams, a hex-based cartogram generator. You will not be required to run a local server for this session, though you may find it useful to have a text editor on hand for editing data. If you do not already have a favorite one, go ahead and download Sublime.


  • Customize and export a CSV file in Excel or Google Sheets. Create a cartogram by importing the file into the interface.
  • Download some Census data, format and export it in Excel or Google sheets, and upload the data to build a custom map.
  • Export an SVG map and customize it in a vector-based design appication (i.e. Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape).
  • Use your downloaded topojson file in combination with D3.js to render your map in the browser.



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