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brACE Slouch Detection Wearable

By Team ACE: Alexandrea Mellen, Chris Feldman, Emily Lam

December 11th, 2014, EC535 Project -- Professor Coskun

Demo Video

See November 2015 issue of Circuit Cellar Magazine for full writeup

How to Run

Load Executables onto Gumstix:

  1. Make bluetooth

    # cd bluetooth
    # LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$EC535/gumstix/bluez/bluez-libs/usr/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH
    # make
  2. Make myi2c

    # cd myi2c
    # make
  3. Make button.ko

    # cd kernel
    # make
  4. Transfer executables (myi2c, button.ko, bluetooth) and to Gumstix

Load Android App:

  1. Import code into Android Studio
  2. Run and Deploy to Android smartphone from Android Studio


  1. Connect Battery pack to turn on.

  2. Connect Serial cable and log on, using minicom. user: root, password: gumstix

  3. Run script

    # ./

    if the does not exist or work:

    # mknod /dev/mygpio c 61 0
    # insmod button.ko
    # ./bluetooth &
    # ./myi2c
  4. Connect to Gumstix using Android App

    • The password to pair the phone with the Gumstix is "BlueZ"
    • Pair them before initializing a connection
  5. Unplug serial cable

  6. Put around neck with device flush on your back


  1. Get into a proper sitting position
  2. Press button 3 on button module.
  3. Stand up if Android App sets off an Alarm
  4. Repeat steps 1-4.