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My Hackbright Project
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Anyone can teach and anyone can learn. Classyr is the tool that connects teachers to locations and students. It's designed to connect people in a way that facilitates learning in person. This is not for online learning.

Account Creation/Login

Teachers and students create different account types.

Teachers can:

  • Create new classes
  • Remove finished classes
  • Hide reviews

Teachers cannot:

  • Join/drop classes (unless they create a second account that's registered as a student)

Students can:

  • Join/drop classes
  • Rate and review classes
  • Search and view existing classes

Search page

On the right, you can browse newly created classes On the left, using dropdowns, you can search for a specific class. These results are run through a non-linear, weighted, ranking algorithm that take into account, the following metrics:

  • Student ratings
  • Number of days until start date
  • Price
  • Number of days since class was created
  • Max class size (number of students)
  • If the class is already full or not

What I Used:

Python, JavaScript, Google Maps API, SQLite3, SQLAlchemy, Flask Framework, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

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