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Starter Theme

Starter Theme and Slate v1 are currently in beta! You should expect potentially breaking changes between updates and more bugs than a finalized release. Slate v1.0 has not yet been tested on Windows.

Starter Theme represents the Shopify Themes Team's opinionated starting point for new Slate theme projects. It strives to include up-to-date best practices and solutions that we have deemed needed for the majority of themes we build. It is a reflection of what’s possible when building a theme!

Intentional lack of styles

When launching Starter Theme for the first time, you may notice a lack of CSS styles. Is Starter Theme broken? Definitely not! Keep in mind this was done intentionally. Starter Theme is not a framework but rather a starting point for your project. It contains all the files the Shopify Themes team considers to be the bare essentials to building a Shopify theme.

For templates and snippets, standard Liquid tags and logic have been included with little to no markup, classes, or other code that you will need to remove. The src/styles/theme.scss file contains extremely limited styling to not get in the way of developers' CSS preferences. The JavaScript files contain most of our helper scripts and lazysizes for responsive image lazy loading.

System requirements

You'll want to ensure you have the following already installed on your local machine before getting started with Starter theme:

  • Node: The current LTS (long-term support) release. We like to use a Node Version Manager like NVM.

  • NPM 5+ or Yarn: Both of these package managers have ups and downs, choose whichever you prefer. Follow the installation instructions for Yarn or NPM to make sure you're using the latest version.

Getting started

To get started with Starter Theme, run the following command in your terminal:

$ yarn create slate-theme my-new-theme

For more information on connecting your new project with a Shopify store, see the Slate docs.


For help on setting up the repository locally, building, testing, and contributing please see

Code of Conduct

All developers who wish to contribute through code or issues, take a look at the Code of Conduct.

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