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Easily see the count of matches for your Vim search in your statusline
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This plugin provides one relatively simple piece of functionality to Vim: it automatically counts the number of times the current search pattern occurs in your current buffer and displays that in the statusline.

Screenshot showing match counting in Airline

It tries to do the right thing and otherwise stay out of the way, but it is configurable. To use it, install it, and it ought to add itself to your statusline automatically. It understands how to add itself to the vanilla statusline and to vim-airline.

If you need to customize where or how it is added to your statusline, add %{MatchCountStatusline()} in your statusline from within your ~/.vimrc, and match-count-statusline.vim will not attempt to override your setting.

For more information, run :help match-count-statusline from within Vim after installing this plugin.


This plugin requires a version of vim of 7.4.1658 or greater. It may be installed any of the usual ways. Below are the suggested ways for Pathogen and Vim 8's own built-in package method.


If you're using venerable Pathogen, clone this directory to your bundles.

git clone \

Vim Packages

This is also installable as a Vim package (see :help packages) if you're running a version of Vim greater than or equal to 8.

Vim's internal package management expects packages in the future to include a "start" and an "opt" directory to contain its runtime paths. As with almost every plugin written in the last decade, I have not written mine like this. Therefore, you will need to put the entire plugin under some arbitrary "start" directory whose name you probably have already have chosen (and which doesn't matter). In the below example, I call this directory "default."

git clone \
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