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Sequential non-normal initializers for RNNs

This repository contains the code for reproducing the results in the following paper:

Orhan AE, Pitkow X (2020) Improved memory in recurrent neural networks with sequential non-normal dynamics. International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR 2020).

The file contains plug-and-play Keras initializer classes implementing the proposed non-normal initializers for RNNs. The code was tested with keras==2.2.4, other versions may or may not work.

The files and contain torch functions implementing the proposed non-normal initializers for vanilla RNNs and LSTMs, respectively. The ramp_init function in implements the "mixed" initialization strategy discussed in section 3.3 of the paper. The code was tested with torch==0.4.0, other versions may or may not work.

The remaining files can be used to replicate the results in Figure 3. Please contact me for raw data from this figure (it was too large to upload here). An example usage would be as follows:

python --task 'copy' --init 'chain' --init_scale 1.02 --lr 5e-5 --rand_seed 3


  • task is the task (copy, addition, psmnist)
  • init is the initializer for the RNN (chain, fbchain, orthogonal, identity)
  • init_scale is the gain of the initializer (in the paper, this corresponds to alpha for the chain initializer, beta for the fbchain initializer, and lambda for the orthogonal and identity initializers)
  • lr is the learning rate for the rmsprop algorithm
  • rand_seed is the random seed.

See for more options.

For the language modeling experiments, we used the Salesforce awd-lstm-lm repository, as described in sections 3.1.2 and 3.3 of the paper (with the torch initializers provided here: and Again, please feel free to contact me for raw simulation results from these experiments as they were too large to upload here.


Sequential non-normal initializers for recurrent neural networks




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