Use PC^2 (Programming Contest Control) with online judges.
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Running practice contests on PC^2 requires you to have input/output data for each problem. Sometimes this data is not available. valodator allows you to use regular PC^2 with custom external validator which is going to submit submitted problem to online judge and read the verdict.

You need to have valid accounts on online judges and configure valodator accordingly.


  • linux or similar unix-like OS (winblows is possible, patches welcome).
  • python 2.x with mechanize and BeautifulSoup
  • PC^2 version 9 (or version 8)

On ubuntu you can try something like this

sudo apt-get install python-setuptools
sudo easy_install mechanize
sudo easy_install BeautifulSoup

Instructions shown here are for PC^2 version 9, differences between versions 8 and 9 are minimal.

Configuring valodator

Modify and copy config file to /etc/ with name valodator.config

sudo cp valodator.config.sample /etc/valodator.config

Configuring PC^2 for valodator

Step 1: Languages tab

Since we are using online validator, program does not have to be executed on our computer instead we would like to give it online judge for evaluation.

In the field Execution command line you should put something trivial like echo. I chose echo since it is mostly harmless and is present on every unix-like system.

Languages window Languages window

Languages tab Languages tab

If you want to be adventurous you can try replacing compiler command with touch {:basename}, this is not recommended since using local compiler allows us to catch compile errors much easier and faster.

Step 2: Add new problems

To configure problems follow screenshots shown below.

New problem window 1 New problem window 1

New problem window 2 New problem window 2

New problem window 3 New problem window 3

In short, you don't need to set input/output files and you need to set external validator to In addition, validator command line should be set to, for example:

./{:validator} {:mainfile} {:resfile} tju/1001

Don't forget ./ in front.

Last argument is the reference to the problem, it has following format:


Value of <website> can be of following

Future support

valodator will work until some change is made on judge website which might cause valodator to stop working suddenly. I will try to fix any upcoming incompatibilities, but without any guarantees.


Try reading logs from logs directory in PC^2 . Also, try reading executesite1judgeX/valodator_calls.log.

Send description/logs to me and open a new issue on github.


  • If you would like to have two computer judges running is parallel, you need to use different website account for each judge. Otherwise verdicts will be mixed up. valodator.config can be placed in executesite1judgeX/ instead of /etc/.
  • Do not use account used by valodator for manual submissions. This may lead to lots of problems.


Using automated bots for submitting problems can violate terms of use of certain online judges. I expect valodator's moderate usage to be for organizing small scale contests 3-7 teams, without flooding the judge server.


Here on github or email: