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WP plugin for code colorzation with pygments
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WpPygments is the plugin that utilizes Pygments library (through the service, which I also wrote) to highlight and colorize the code snippets in your WP blog.

Plugin page:

Plugin code:

Pygmentizer service:

Pygmentizer code:



As usual - unzip the archive to your plugins forlder, go to WP admin panel and activate the plugin.


You can set several options:

  • theme -- pick one of the existing Pygments themes

  • tools -- set which of the existing tools (view raw code, copy to clipboard, print) you need

  • cache clearing -- set how long code highlighting cache should be stored (since the last access time)

Configuration is available as a separate WpPygments page under the Settings menu.

Known issues

With PG4WP cache is not working (looks like plugin<->DB communication is broken at all for all plugins). This means, code will be re-submitted to pygmentizer service every time the page is requested. I should say, it doesn't significanlty slow the page (tested with the page containing 10 small pieces of Bash code).

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