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Jade Plugin for DocPad for writing client-side templates

Adds support for Jade as a client-side template language to DocPad.

Convention: .js.cjade


npm install --save docpad-plugin-client-jade


  1. add to your pages before any client Jade templates

  2. add your templates to the pages as scripts, i.e. having the documents/templates/something.js.cjade, add it like

<script src="/templates/something.js"></script>
  1. use it from you script:

var html = JST['something']({contextvar: 'someval'});

The 'something' key is obtained from the path file by stripping the `.cjade` extension, then `.js` extension (see below how to configure), and then removing some common directory from the beginning of the path (see below how to configure).

## Configure

Read on Configuration file here: <>

**Note** that in your config the key must be `"client-jade"` (which is part of the plugin name after 'docpad-plugin-').

Currently the plugin supports the following options:

* `namespace` – string, the namespace functions are attached to, defaults to `JST`
* `prettify` – bool, if the output should be prettified, defaults to `true` in development and `false` in production
* `baseDir` — string, the base directory (relative to the `documents` root) to be stripped from the path when the key is generated, defaults to `templates`
* `stripJsExt` – bool, whether to strip `.js` extension when the key is generated

## License
Licensed under [MIT License](
<br/>Copyright &copy; 2012 Eugene Mirotin