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Jade Plugin for DocPad for writing client-side templates

Adds support for Jade as a client-side template language to DocPad.

Convention: .js.cjade


npm install --save docpad-plugin-client-jade


  1. add to your pages before any client Jade templates
  2. add your templates to the pages as scripts, i.e. having the documents/templates/something.js.cjade, add it like

    <script src="/templates/something.js"></script>
  3. use it from you script:

    var html = JST['something']({contextvar: 'someval'});

    The 'something' key is obtained from the path file by stripping the .cjade extension, then .js extension (see below how to configure), and then removing some common directory from the beginning of the path (see below how to configure).


Read on Configuration file here:

Note that in your config the key must be "client-jade" (which is part of the plugin name after 'docpad-plugin-').

Currently the plugin supports the following options:

  • namespace – string, the namespace functions are attached to, defaults to JST
  • prettify – bool, if the output should be prettified, defaults to true in development and false in production
  • baseDir — string, the base directory (relative to the documents root) to be stripped from the path when the key is generated, defaults to templates
  • stripJsExt – bool, whether to strip .js extension when the key is generated


Licensed under MIT License
Copyright © 2012 Eugene Mirotin

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