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// Copyright (c) 2015, Emir Pasic. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// Package hashbidimap implements a bidirectional map backed by two hashmaps.
// A bidirectional map, or hash bag, is an associative data structure in which the (key,value) pairs form a one-to-one correspondence.
// Thus the binary relation is functional in each direction: value can also act as a key to key.
// A pair (a,b) thus provides a unique coupling between 'a' and 'b' so that 'b' can be found when 'a' is used as a key and 'a' can be found when 'b' is used as a key.
// Elements are unordered in the map.
// Structure is not thread safe.
// Reference:
package hashbidimap
import (
func assertMapImplementation() {
var _ maps.BidiMap = (*Map)(nil)
// Map holds the elements in two hashmaps.
type Map struct {
forwardMap hashmap.Map
inverseMap hashmap.Map
// New instantiates a bidirectional map.
func New() *Map {
return &Map{*hashmap.New(), *hashmap.New()}
// Put inserts element into the map.
func (m *Map) Put(key interface{}, value interface{}) {
if valueByKey, ok := m.forwardMap.Get(key); ok {
if keyByValue, ok := m.inverseMap.Get(value); ok {
m.forwardMap.Put(key, value)
m.inverseMap.Put(value, key)
// Get searches the element in the map by key and returns its value or nil if key is not found in map.
// Second return parameter is true if key was found, otherwise false.
func (m *Map) Get(key interface{}) (value interface{}, found bool) {
return m.forwardMap.Get(key)
// GetKey searches the element in the map by value and returns its key or nil if value is not found in map.
// Second return parameter is true if value was found, otherwise false.
func (m *Map) GetKey(value interface{}) (key interface{}, found bool) {
return m.inverseMap.Get(value)
// Remove removes the element from the map by key.
func (m *Map) Remove(key interface{}) {
if value, found := m.forwardMap.Get(key); found {
// Empty returns true if map does not contain any elements
func (m *Map) Empty() bool {
return m.Size() == 0
// Size returns number of elements in the map.
func (m *Map) Size() int {
return m.forwardMap.Size()
// Keys returns all keys (random order).
func (m *Map) Keys() []interface{} {
return m.forwardMap.Keys()
// Values returns all values (random order).
func (m *Map) Values() []interface{} {
return m.inverseMap.Keys()
// Clear removes all elements from the map.
func (m *Map) Clear() {
// String returns a string representation of container
func (m *Map) String() string {
str := "HashBidiMap\n"
str += fmt.Sprintf("%v", m.forwardMap)
return str
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