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Hoping you can help with this as, wed love to use your plugin.

We tried testing it the 1.6 plug in on a Joomla 2.5 installation. We tried uploading the entire zipped download, but that crashed the install. Then saw your note about that issue, so zipped the 1.6 folder.

It installed, but we got the following message:

JInstaller: :Install: File does not exist /home2/sixzerse/public_html/blank/tmp/install_4f9f2a810662e/pb_mediael/language/en-GB.plg_content_pb_mediael.ini

But below it there was another message saying the install was successful.

We tried to create a new article and the site crashed.

Uninstalled the plug in and got this message:

Failed deleting en-GB.plg_content_pb_mediael.ini
Failed to delete /home2/sixzerse/public_html/blank/administrator/language/en-GB/en-GB.plg_content_pb_mediael.ini

Does this work for Joomla 2.5? If yes, how can we fix this? If no, please let us know if it will, soon.

Thanks in advance for any help you can be.



I'm afraid I don't really have time to maintain this plugin at the moment - and only have 1.5 & 1.6 servers to test against.

Depending on what you want to achieve - video.js is another good media playback solution and I have used this Joomla plugin in the past: - unfortunately that isn't tested against 2.5 but is against 1.7 so you may have more luck.

Sorry I can't be more help! I am currently looking for a developer(s) to take up this plugin as there seems to be lots of interest. I'll comment back if I can get anyone involved.


Thanks for getting back to me on this, Phil. Completely understand. If someone could just write the code to turn a 24 hour day into 36, we could really get some stuff done...:-)

Thanks for the link, too. This doesn't look like it will work for audio files (mp3), which is what I'm really after. Need a player that will work on iPads, etc. and every Joomla module and plugin I've tried are flash based.

If you have a chance, let me know if you know of something that would work. And definitely let me know when you get the plugin updated.



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