The Sydney Coding Club
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The Sydney Coding Club

The Origin

The coding club was motivated by ozunconf 2018. The plan is to adopt a similar format to ozunconf and let the participants drive the agenda.

What Happens

You come to the designated place and work as much or as little on coding project you want. The idea is to be surrounded by people who wants to code! People are free to sit down and work on their own or work with others on a project.

How to initiate a project

The project can be submitted as an issue on this repository.


Occassionally we will have 5 minutes showcase of projects people have worked on.

What can be achieved

You can have a look at the list of amazing projects here a group of about 50 people accomplished in two working days at the ozunconf18.

Some Plans and Ideas

  • Weekly meeting on 3-5pm Fridays once the semester begins.
  • Occasional tutorials, especially for beginners on 2-3pm Fridays. Provide comments on what you want to learn here.
  • Occasional extended club gatherings on 5-7pm Fridays. The aim is to particularly encourage industry coders (especially former usyd students or affiliated) to come.


Currently discussions happen in Slack channel of Sydney Bioinformatics and Biometrics. This will likely change in the future. For those outside, you may like to sign up to the mailing list here so you can be notified about upcoming news or events.

For other networks, check out the Sydney Open Research Network!

  • The first meeting occured at Tuesday 3-5pm 18th Dec 2018, Carslaw 829, The University of Sydney.

For future meetings, it will be emailed out to those one the mailing list.


The hex sticker for the coding club was made by Sarah Romanes.