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Simple weather app
Kotlin Java
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Improvements made

  • Services aligned into modularized interfaces
  • ZoneService pre loads json into database for faster, easier querying
  • App automatically finds closest zip code
  • Formal dependency injection with Dagger 2
  • 90% Kotlin :hands:
  • Better(?) naming conventions

Future improvements

  • Make Home use a "real" action bar (using menus and titles instead of manually inserted layouts)
  • Offline Persistence
  • More animations/transitions
  • Better onboarding process
  • Figure out why original picasso settings weren't working
  • Image API doesn't provide images for all scenarios? Would look into this
  • Use actual settings preferences provided by Android
  • Fix up alert dialogs used in settings
  • Better handling of error scenarios

Outstanding bugs

  • Last instance of high/low temps are highlighted, as opposed to the first instance.
  • Weather service's get color for temp isn't considering celsius, need to add the logic (forgot I suppose on first time around)
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