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Limitations and known issues

ReMarkdown was tested on recent versions of modern browsers. It works well in all browsers with complete CSS 2.1 support, including IE8. It will degrade not-so-gracefully in IE7.

Browser-specific issues

  • IE8 does not render generated content in HR elements. Your horizontal rules will be invisible in that browser.
  • IE8, in print mode, has trouble with the overflowing “>” signs of blockquotes.
  • Spotted a few issues when printing in Firefox 4b on OSX. I opened two bug reports and both were fixed (yay!), so Firefox 4 final should be ok.
  • Spotted a few minor issues when printing in Opera 11 on OSX.

Underlined headings

To achieve the style of underlined H1 and H2 elements, I had to pick one of the various CSS position schemes/behaviors/display modes/etc. that restrict an element’s width to the width of its contents. All of the options I could figure out had unwanted side effects. I settled for display:inline-block but it’s far from a perfect solution. Two consequences:

  1. Spacing above and below titles may be off in a few configurations (issues caused by the lack of margin collapsing).
  2. Having two underlined headings in a row is dangerous. Typically, an underlined H2 following an underlined H1 might end up on the same line. So such H2 elements are switched back to display:block (a very dirty fix).


  • Ordered lists use a custom CSS counter, not the default counter. Only way to change the counter style (from numeric to roman or something else) is to change the CSS for “remarkdowned” OLs.
  • The start attribute of OL elements is ignored. If you know a way to use it in a CSS counter, feel free to tell me.