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Spectrum Mouse Trail

Spectrum Mouse Trail

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Day 24: March 8, 2021

  • I discovered a YouTube Channel called Frank's Laboratory with excellent creative coding tutorials.

  • For Day 24, I made five mouse trail effects from Frank's Laboratory (see also one, two, three, four).

  • The mouse trails use the Canvas API and the HTML <canvas> element to draw graphics and animations.


1. Git clone and cd into the repo folder:

git clone && cd mousetrail-space

2. Run the command:

open index.html

3. On your device, move the cursor around to see the mouse trail effect.

Live Site

Live Site

Spectrum Mouse Trail is best viewed on a desktop or laptop computer browser.

Spectrum Mouse Trail is a progressive web app.



  • Milky Way background image from © Unsplash. All Rights Reserved.

  • All other visual assets of this project are copyright of © Emmanuel Jose. All Rights Reserved.

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