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News Site

News Site

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Day 27: April 12, 2021


1. PREREQUISITE: This app requires an API key from News API.

  • Log in or register at News API.
  • Once logged in, press the "Get API Key" button.
  • The generated API key will be alphanumeric and 32 characters long.
  • Keep the browser tab with your News API key open for reference.

2. Git clone and cd into the repo folder:

git clone && cd news-site

3. In the main root directory of the project files, create an .env file:


4. In the .env file, create an environment variable to store the API key. Paste this line:


5. Paste your News API key after the equal sign character:


6. The API key variable is used in the fetch request located in /pages/feed/[slug].js:

const apiResponse = await fetch(`${pageNumber}`, {
	headers: {
		Authorization: `Bearer ${process.env.NEXT_PUBLIC_NEWS_KEY}`,

7. Back in the terminal, install dependencies:

npm install

8. Run the development server:

npm run dev

9. Open http://localhost:3000 with your browser to launch the News Site app.

Live Site

Live Site

Dog Day News is a progressive web app.

Dog Day News is responsive and keyboard-navigable.

• Users can browse the newsfeed and app pages.

Live Site

• Users can navigate 10 pages of the most recent dog-related news.

Note: Although the News API fetch request has parameters for the keyword "dogs," some articles unrelated to dogs appear in the newsfeed.


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