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2012-01-27 Prem Sichanugrist <>
* Introducing `:restricted_characters` in Paperclip::Attachment.default_options
so people can override their blacklist characters by override that setting.
* Paperclip will now replace all the special characters in the filename to an
underscore. This is a more desired behavior against having to deal with URL
escaping and unescaping later. You can see the list of blacklist characters
in `lib/paperclip/attachment.rb`
2012-01-20 Jon Yurek <>
* lib/paperclip/railtie.rb (insert): Hide ActiveRecord-specific stuff in
the Railtie
2012-01-18 Luke Griffiths <>
* lib/paperclip/storage/s3.rb (self.extended),
test/storage/s3_live_test.rb, test/storage/s3_test.rb: Add S3 encryption
2012-01-16 Jeremy McNevin <> and ralph <>
* lib/paperclip/storage/fog.rb (flush_writes), fog_test.rb: Pass the
content type to Fog.