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Load bug URL from metadata if already present

When creating the administration pane, we used to always default to the
wave bug tracker URL, even if we already had a different URL in our
metadata.  This could happen when buglinky had been removed from a wave
and added back again.
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1 parent 33bba39 commit 6773c23e89f08fc0eda3221096dbc5a6e5b2f9b6 @emk committed Aug 31, 2009
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2 src/buglinky/
@@ -84,7 +84,7 @@ private void addInstructionsToWave(RobotMessageBundle bundle) {
"Enter your issue URL, minus the issue number:"));
textView.appendElement(new FormElement(ElementType.INPUT,
- "bugUrl", BUG_URL));
+ "bugUrl", getBugUrl(bundle)));
textView.appendElement(new FormElement(ElementType.BUTTON,
"saveButton", "Save Preferences"));

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