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Include wavelet and blip IDs in log messages

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commit 98efc9e621be6f50b9ba584f2d2d44f62f80fc49 1 parent c375229
@emk authored
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4 src/buglinky/
@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ public void processEvents(RobotMessageBundle bundle) {
/** Add an instruction blip to this wave if we were just added. */
private void addInstructionsToWave(RobotMessageBundle bundle) {
-"Adding instructions to the wave.");
+"Adding instructions to wavelet " + bundle.getWavelet().getWaveletId());
Blip blip = bundle.getWavelet().appendBlip();
TextView textView = blip.getDocument();
textView.append("buglinky will attempt to link \"bug #NNN\" to a bug tracker.");
@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ private void dispatchEvents(RobotMessageBundle bundle) {
/** Add links to the specified blip. */
private void addLinksToBlip(Blip blip) {
-"Adding instructions to a blip.");
+"Adding links to blip " + blip.getBlipId());
// Adapted from,
// a robot which links to @names on Twitter.
TextView doc = blip.getDocument();
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