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= sinatra-url-for
<code>sinatra-url-for</code> can be used by a Sinatra application to
-construct absolute paths and full URLs. For example:
+construct absolute paths and full URLs.
+To install it, run:
+ sudo gem install emk-sinatra-url-for -s
+To include it in a Sinatra application, write:
+ require 'rubygems'
gem 'emk-sinatra-url-for'
require 'sinatra/url_for'
- # From within a request.
+Once this is done, you should be able to call +url_for+ from within a
+request. Assuming that your application is running on
+<code></code>, and that it has been mapped to
+<code>/myapp</code>, you should get:
url_for "/" # Returns "/myapp/"
url_for "/foo" # Returns "/myapp/foo"
url_for "/foo", :full # Returns ""
@@ -20,7 +31,8 @@ If you're subclassing <code>Sinatra::Base</code>, then you need to call
Thanks to "cypher23" on #mephisto and the folks on #rack for pointing me in
-the right direction.
+the right direction. If this gem fails to work correctly on your web
+system, please feel free to submit patches and/or bug reports!
== Copyright

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