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This is a collection of the SICP solutions in Scheme.

The book can be found online here:

The lectures are downloadable here:

File Structure/Naming Convention
I would like to keep all the solutions ordered by chapterN and solution files named Using this
convention exercise 4 in chapter 1 would be placed in chapter1/

Requests for participation
It is almost certain that there will be a problem/bug with some of the solutions. There are most certainly also other
ways of doing the exercises. If you want to fix a bug please fork and fix the bug ridden file and request for a pull. 
If you want to add an alternative answer please leave the other solutions and add yours either to the bottom of the file 
with some comment saying it is an alternative or create another file that denotes it as an alternative solution.

For example, if you wanted to add an alternative solution to exercise 1.12 add a file