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Java client library for MogileFS
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Java client library for MogileFS ( Code
is mostly a copy of the perl client.

Choose one of the classes in com.guba.mogilefs that implements
the MogileFS interface:

SimpleMogileFSImpl - simplest implementation that holds a single
	connection to a mogile tracker. Shouldn't be used by
	multiple threads.
PooledMogileFSImpl - thread safe implementation that keeps a pool of
	connections open to the mogile trackers. Excellent for
	servlets to share.
LocalFileMogileFSImpl - this implementation doesn't actually talk
	to mogile servers - it just acts like it, but stores things
	locally. Its useful it you want to test something locally
	or have a fake local mogile store.

Please send bug reports to Eric Lambrecht <>.

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