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Environmental Market Design for Large-Scale Marine Conservation


This repository contains the data used in Villaseñor-Derbez et al. The purpose is to guide anyone interested in replicating the analyses through the process of getting the data and analyzing it in the way we did. All data are made publicly available in this repository.


For citations of the raw Global Fishing Watch data (anything under the raw_data folder, please cite: Kroodsma et al. "Tracking the global footprint of fisheries." Science 359.6378 (2018): 904-908.

For citations of our data (anything in the data folder), please cite this work directly.


The repository contains four key directories:

  • raw_data: Contains the original, raw data either from GFW or the FFA. These data have not been manipulated directly by us. GFW data is collected by SQL scripts outlined in scripts/01_collection/.
  • data: The data folder contains transformed and processed data. Scripts that take raw data and clean it are found in scripts/2_processing/.
  • scripts: This folder contains a set of helper functions, processing and analysis scripts, and content-generating scripts. Essentially, a processing script reads data from raw_data or a cloud-based database, does something to it, and exports it to data.
  • docs: Contains the *.tex files, figures, tables, bibliography, and supplementary information of the manuscript.

Repository structure

-- data/
-- docs/
-- raw_data
-- scripts/

Notes on raw_data/

Due to GitHub's limitation on large-file data storage, we do not include two sources of raw data. These are not crucial to our analysis, since these are only shapefiles which we subset to our region of interest and are publicly available elsewhere. The resulting "cropped" spatial data are available in our data folder. Here, we point you in the direction of these data so that you can download them if you need to.

The data not included would live under raw_data/spatial, with two subsequent folders:

  • EEZ: The Exclusive Economic Zones V10 - Available from Marine Regions here, and used to outline the EEZ's of region of interest
  • WDPA_Jan2019: The World Database on Marine Protected Areas as of January 2019 - Available from Protected Planet here, and used to outline MPAs in the region of interest



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