EMlab/emlab-generation is a suite of Agent-Based Models of power generation, dealing with energy and carbon policy questions. There is focus on long-term developments.
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EMLab Agent-Based Model

EMLab is a suite of Agent-Based Models dealing with policy questions on the long-term evolution of the electricity sector. It contains various scenarios, agent descriptions and behaviors, that allows the user to capture developments in this sector. The research using this model focuses on CO2 and renewables policy, generation adequacy, capacity mechanisms, investment risk and behaviour and open data. The project makes use of the AgentSpring modelling framework.

Research developed by TU Delft, Faculty of Technology Policy and Management, Energy & Industry Section

Supported by:

Please contact Emile Chappin (e.j.l.chappin@tudelft.nl) or Jörn C. Richstein (j.c.richstein@tudelft.nl) to get involved in this project.

Installation instructions: See https://github.com/EMLab/emlab-generation/wiki/EMLab-and-Github