Automatically create btsync config file skeletons for users when necessary (unmaintained since I don't use btsync anymore)
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Auto-create BitTorrent Sync config files on demand

This repository contains systemd service scripts for automatically creating config files if needed when the btsync user service starts.


The project consists of only shell scripts, to there is nothing to compile!


Clone the repo (master or source branch) and use make:

# make install

This will install files into the following directories:

  • /usr/lib/systemd/user/
  • /usr/share/btsync-autoconfig

Finally, enable the service:

# systemctl --global enable btsync-autoconfig.service

Packaging for pacman

btsync-autoconfig is available from the AUR. BitTorrent Sync with systemd service definitions is provided by the btsync AUR package.

You can also easily build the package yourself: Download all files in the pacman directory, the rest will be downloaded automatically. Place them anywhere, for instance in ~/downloads/btsync-autoconfig. Run makepkg in that directory, then install the built package with pacman -U btsync-autoconfig-VERSION.tar.xz.

$ cd ~/downloads/btsync-autoconfig
$ makepkg
# packan -U btsync-autoconfig-VERSION.tar.xs

Alternatively, you can use makepkg -i as a shortcut combining the last two commands into one.


btsync-autoconfig is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later.