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Would allow similar features to XBMC, but would be web-based with a cleaner interface and controls, including controller support.
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Boomer Documentation:

 To create an environment to easily manage your PC and emulated games.

We decided to create a web application. Our major programming knowledge resides in web, and utilizing the power of CSS3 and jQuery our involement on "pretty" design will be minmal. Compared to the amount of work that would have to go in to writing our application in C++ or Java.

Our first thought was to continue using a WAMP stack. It is easy to set up, but the management that would have to go on the user's computer would be a pain. Requiring a package of apache, php, and our datasource. This also means none of this would be packaged nicely in an application. Not to mention cross-os execution.

Matt came across OpenBlueDragon (OpenBD). This is a Java CFML engine found at What really made this stand out over WAMP is it can be packaged as a locally executed Application. Since it is Java based it can be cross-os. The downfall to this is we have no previous knowledge in CFML. Alex has Java experience.

Created a folder C:/boomer to contain all our application's needs.
Download and install Java Runtime Environment (JRE): or
Extracting the Ready2Run Jetty+OpenBD to C:/boomer creates the folder /jetty-openbd
You are then able to run jetty by executing $ java -jar /jetty-openbd/start.jar
You are now able to access our webserver at without any additional set up.

MongoDB seems easily interactive with OpenBD. It is mentioned multiple times on OpenBD, and has CF script tags to interact with it. I'm not familar with MongoDB but I'm interested in trying it out.

Created the folder C:/boomer/data/db. This folder will be referenced with --dbpath on startup. Reference for more information.
$ mongod.exe --dbpath ../../data/db will begin running MongoDB and is waiting for interaction.

Startup List:
$ java -jar /jetty-openbd/start.jar
$ mongod.exe --dbpath ../../data/db

Had to use the OpenBD Desktop Server instead of the Ready2Run Jetty+OpenBD because of a "tools.jar" loading issue.

Run /OpenBlueDragonDesktop/OpenBlueDragonDesktop.exe.
Web App Folder should point to /web
Click "Start Web App" it will bring you to the Console tab.
Once "OpenBD: Version=2.0.2; Build=2012-01-01 10:14:17 GMT" gets printed out you may continue.
Launch chrome and go to "localhost/boomer". This will (hopefully) launch snes9x and megamanx.smc
You may modify /web/boomer/index.cfm to fit your needs.

Gamepad support requires the Dev Build of Chrome:
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