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Your Mozilla Identity


Participants should be partnered and for purposes of facilitation each person should identify as either partner A or partner B.

Ice Breaker

Have each person introduce themselves and then state something they have done that they think no one else in the circle has done. If someone else has also done it, the participant must state something else until he/she finds something.

Activity #1 - Finding Your Strengths

Each partner will interview the other on a series of timed questions as directed by the facilitator. Participants should keep notes as they listen, and be encouraged to ask 'why' often.

If this online ask partners to decide on an alternate video or hangout room for interviews, and a way to communicate questions. (IRC channel for example)

Questions ( 1 minute each)

  • Q1. Where can I find you at Mozilla and why ?
  • Q2. What skills and knowledge have you gained as part of being in the Mozilla community?
  • Q3. What goals do you have for yourself when you speak about Mozilla in developer(or other tech) communities?
  • Q5. Think about your own work, what skills and ideas you most proud of and comfortable talking about?
  • Q6. What positive feedback have you received that support your work so far, and your goals for the future?

Categorize ( 2 minutes )

Each partner should review the notes on their partner and do their best to categorize their findings into:

  • Skills
  • Strengths
  • Reputation

Set this aside as we will use these after the next round.

Activity #2 - Identifying Inspiration

Same interview format as in Activity #1. This round of interviews will help identity those inspirational people we hope to interact with, and whom our credentials will help us gain confidence for interaction.

Questions ( 1 minute each )

Encourage interviewers to ask 'why' often, and to dig into interesting hunches or ideas that might emerge to help us understand who this person is.

  • Q1. When you attend conferences, or any technical gatherings, who are you most interested in listening to, or learning from and why?
  • Q2. What strengths, skills and motivations does this person (or people) process that you most find compelling? Aspire to yourself?

Building Community Credentials

Ask participants to imagine they are building their partners credentials for the inspirational figured their partners described. Working together have partners fill in the following including a goal to bring up their credentials.:

This certifies that ____________________ is very knowledgeable on topics of _____________________ , inspiration to others in ______________________ and has the respect of _____________________ . To continue building credentials the next stop is ________________________.

If there is time, ask partners to share each others credentials with the group.

Image Credit Alex Wafula

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