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Rebasing Workflow

You've decided to level up your Git skills and have heard that rebasing is where it's at. In this session we'll talk about: WHY rebasing can make it easier to untangle your project's history; WHEN you should use rebase; WHAT rebasing actually does to your repository; and HOW it actually looks when things go right (and how to recover when things go wrong).

Time: 45 minutes

Presented At

Earlier versions of this presentation were delivered from a keynote deck at the following events:

  • ConFoo, Montreal, 2015
  • OSCON, Portland, 2015

There may be outstanding issues from the conversion to reveal.js. See the TODO list.

Viewing the Presentation



  • Ensure node.js and grunt are installed.
  • Install dependencies: npm install
  • Run the server: grunt serve
  • Open http://localhost:8000 to view the presentation

If style changes are made to the SCSS file, you will need to re-create the theme files.

  • Run: grunt css-themes

If you will not have an internet connection for your presentation, make sure the Google Font Open Sans Condensed is installed locally. For your convenience, it is included in the folder assets/fonts/open-sans and is licensed separately.


  • content - content files, and style sheets without the presentation software
  • upstream_reveal - the latest version of reveal.js that's being used for this presentation
  • presentation - combines the branches content and upstream_reveal; used for local testing
  • gh-pages - typically a copy of the branch presentation; used for deployments


Content (slides text, diagrams, and CSS theme for the slides):

Slide software (reveal.js):

Fonts (Open Sans family):

  • Copyright (C) Google
  • Apache License


Slides from the session on how/when/why to rebase.



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