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Speaker Training

Lights! Camera! Action! It can seem like a very daunting task to agree to be on stage at an event. The longer you are a member of the Drupal community, the higher the pressure is to share what you know. In this three-part presentation, skilled conference presenter Emma Jane Hogbin Westby will guide you through the fundamentals of what it means to get on stage. She will cover:

  • Popular presentation formats. Not all presentations are an hour in length; and not all presentations need to be a sage on a stage. Learn about Ignite talks, fireside chats, and the traditional conference session.
  • Pitching your presentation. There's a knack to creating a tempting session description, and it's not just what you write, but matching your ideas to what conference organisers are looking to curate. Learn how to review proposals and past conferences to find just the right topic; then learn how to craft your winning proposal.
  • Preparing for stage success. So you've won a coveted spot at a conference. Congratulations! Learn a routine that will break down the preparation work into a manageable schedule that will take you from proposal acceptance through to the end of your presentation on game day.

Format: This session will be one hour in length. After the session, those who would like hands-on feedback for their presentations will be welcome to stay and get additional support.

About the Presenter

This session will be delivered by DrupalCon veteran Emma Jane Hogbin Westby. Over the last decade she has spoken at conferences around the world using various formats (and has even run her own conferences!). In 2008 one of her slide decks was even recognized as a "SlideShare of the Day" on

Alternate Titles

  • Lights, Camera, Action
  • Speaker Training
  • Stage Presence
  • Sharing Your Learning From the Stage (or choose your own)

Viewing the Presentation



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  • Open http://localhost:8000 to view the presentation

Problems with the install? A bad network connection can cause problems. Try starting the installation again from scratch with:

  • rm -rf node_modules/
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This deck was presented at DrupalCon Barcelona in 2015.


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