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Repo to accompany

Unevenly distributed biological invasion costs among origin and recipient regions

in Nature Sustainability.

Emma J. Hudgins*, Ross N. Cuthbert*, Phillip J. Haubrock*, Nigel G. Taylor, Melina Kourantidou, Dat Nguyen, Alok Bang, Anna J. Turbelin, Desika Moodley, Elizabeta Briski, Syrmalenia G. Kotronaki, Franck Courchamp

* equivalent contribution

code written by Dat Nguyen and Emma J Hudgins


  1. 001-get_range_EH.R
  • provides the functions getRangeGISD, getRangeCABI and trim to retrieve dataset
  1. 002-native_ranges_countries_fourpointone.R
  • using all invacost species in invacost package (version 4.1), attempts to download the ranges
  • also checks whether it has an accepted name or synonyms and attempts the process on those as well

see our extended InvaCost region-to-country designation:

  • 6 unique cases were manually mapped:

    kosovo = "Europe"
    tropical america = "Central America"
    pacific northwest = "Asia"
    north america = "North America"
    atlantic coast (north america) = "North America"
    indian ocean - western = "Africa"

  1. 003-data_cleaning_fourpointone.R
  • joins double-checked origin list (givers_takers_doublecheck_.csv) to invacost data
  1. 004-assign_con_DN_fourpointone.R
  • standardizes continent designations with pre-defined list
  1. 0041-add4p1Countries.R
  • additional code to add continent designations for new data entries not present in the first version of our analysis (Invacost 3.0)
  1. 005_analysis_script.R
  • performs analyses of the manuscript at the continent level (Figs 1-2)
  1. 006_countrylevel_script.R
  • performs country-level analyses of the manuscript (Figs 3-4)


see also old_data_givers_takers folder for Invacost 3.0 files

  1. Datasheet_201911240709.csv
  • Full list of species with datasheets from CABI
  • Used in get_native.R to supplement the downloading process, to reduce error as getRangeCABI would have to Google the species without a match
  1. country-origin-ref_4p1_DN.csv
  • reference for continent designation by country and iso3c code
  1. givers_takers_doublecheck_fourpointone.csv
  • result of manual double checking of web scraped origin data
  1. Gravity_V202102.Rds
  • CEPII Gravity database as of February 2022
  1. island.nations.csv
  • pre-determined continent designations for island nations
  1. Invacost_database_v4.1.csv
  • equivalent to calling data(invacost) from the invacost package with the version argument set to 4.1
  1. invacost_origin_expanded_fourpointone_DN2.csv
  • expanded invacost database joined to origin country designations
  1. soc_econ_country.rds
  • socioeconomic predictors from Sardain et al. 2019
  1. sTwist_database.csv
  • IAS first record and country occurrence information from Seebens et al. (2022)


  • IAS load for each country by iso3c code from Turbelin et al. 2017


  1. tax_accepted_fourpointone.rds and tax_synonyms_fourpointone.rds
  • output from native_ranges_countriesnew.R
  • list of accepted names and synonyms for species that were originally missing from first pass using invacost species names
  1. trade_averaged.RDS, trade_historical.RDS
  • average yearly pairwise trade for 21st and 20th century
  1. senders.RDS, receivers.RDS, top_pairs.RDS
  • flows at country level
  1. given., received.
  • flows at continent level
  1. invacost_givers_data., invacost_takers_data.
  • decadal flows at continent level
  1. pubs_per_receiving_continent.csv
  • number of publications by which cost per publication was derived per receiving continent


repo to accompany Hudgins, Cuthbert, Haubrock et al., Unevenly distributed biological invasion costs among origin and recipient regions, Nat. Sust.







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