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A quotation-based Scala DSL for scalable data analysis.

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Our goal is to improve developer productivity by hiding parallelism aspects behind a high-level, declarative API which maximises reuse of native Scala syntax and constructs.

Emma supports state-of-the-art dataflow engines such as Apache Flink and Apache Spark as backend co-processors.


DSLs for scalable data analysis are embedded through types. In contrast, Emma is based on quotations (similar to Quill). This approach has two benefits.

First, it allows to reuse Scala-native, declarative constructs in the DSL. Quoted Scala syntax such as for-comprehensions, case-classes, and pattern matching are thereby lifted to an intermediate representation called Emma Core.

Second, it allows to analyze and optimize Emma Core terms holistically. Subterms of type DataBag[A] are thereby transformed and off-loaded to a parallel dataflow engine such as Apache Flink or Apache Spark.


The emma-examples module contains examples from various fields.

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  • JDK 7+ (preferably JDK 8)
  • Maven 3


mvn clean package -DskipTests

to build Emma without running any tests.

For more advanced build options including integration tests for the target runtimes please see the "Building Emma" section in the Wiki.