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General Description

This is the Go implementation of the Maxmind GeoIP API. It is incomplete and work in progress the initial goal is support only two of the database types – the City Lite and Country Lite. The only supported method is loading the full db on startup into memory (memory cache).

Supported Access Methods

  • In Memory (Load(string))

Supported Database Formats

  • Country Edition (dbType=1)
  • City Edition REV 0 (dbType=6)
  • City Edition REV 1 (dbType=2)

Supported Lookups

  • By IP Address (GetLocationByIP(string))
  • By IP Number (GetLocationByIPNum(uint32))

Supported Responses

  • CountryCode string (available in all databases)
  • CountryName string (available in all databases)
  • City string
  • Region string
  • PostalCode string
  • Latitude float32
  • Longitude float32

To Do

  • Implement better error handling (report the error on load and lookups)
  • Better returns, country edition has only code and name (perhaps use interfaces)
  • Add test cases and benchmarking
  • Add support for more database formats


make (See Makefile for more details)


./example DBFILE IPADDRESS (i.e. ./example GeoIP.dat


Please see example.go for a complete example of how to use this library.