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This is the project of Udacity Front End Nanodegree, Arcade Game Clone. All assets were provided and are property of Udacity.
The project consists of a Frogger like game clone, made with OOP Javascript. I used vannila JS to make this project and used 4 classes to dray instances on the screen(enemies, player, obstacles and collectibles). The engine was as well provided by Udacity with wich I have made modifications to display infos about the game, like lives score and level.

Live game page:

The Game

The difficulty raises as the levels progress. Additional obstacles will appear also to make things harder. Also the enemies(bugs) will increase speed.
Sometimes, randomly a gem or an extra heart will apear on the board. The rate is 50% for collectibles from which 25% for an extra heart.

How to play:

Select a favorite character as the player. Then press Start Game. You ca use either arrow buttons or W A S D for movement.
Collect gems to gain points. Based on the color they will give different number of points(orange = 70, green = 60, blue = 50). Reching the top(water) will advance a level and gain you 100 points.
Colliding with and enemy(bug) will loose you a life. When you run out of lives the game ends. Be sure to collect more lifes. You can restart a game by pressing Enter.

How to load the game locally

To run the game locally you can make a clone to this repository or download as a zip. Then either make a simple http local server or just open the index.html file in your favorite browser and have javascript enabled.

Assets and ownership

Assets and images were provided by Udacity and are their respective property.