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" {{{ Local configuration
" -------------------------------------------------
if has("gui_macvim")
" Fullscreen takes up entire screen
set fuoptions=maxhorz,maxvert
" Command-T for CommandT
macmenu &File.New\ Tab key=<D-T>
map <D-t> :CommandT<CR>
imap <D-t> <Esc>:CommandT<CR>
" Command-Return for fullscreen
macmenu Window.Toggle\ Full\ Screen\ Mode key=<D-CR>
" Command-Shift-F for Ack
map <D-F> :Ack<space>
" Command-e for ConqueTerm
map <D-e> :call StartTerm()<CR>
" Command-/ to toggle comments
map <D-/> <plug>NERDCommenterToggle<CR>
imap <D-/> <Esc><plug>NERDCommenterToggle<CR>i
" Command-][ to increase/decrease indentation
vmap <D-]> >gv
vmap <D-[> <gv
" Map Command-# to switch tabs
map <D-0> 0gt
imap <D-0> <Esc>0gt
map <D-1> 1gt
imap <D-1> <Esc>1gt
map <D-2> 2gt
imap <D-2> <Esc>2gt
map <D-3> 3gt
imap <D-3> <Esc>3gt
map <D-4> 4gt
imap <D-4> <Esc>4gt
map <D-5> 5gt
imap <D-5> <Esc>5gt
map <D-6> 6gt
imap <D-6> <Esc>6gt
map <D-7> 7gt
imap <D-7> <Esc>7gt
map <D-8> 8gt
imap <D-8> <Esc>8gt
map <D-9> 9gt
imap <D-9> <Esc>9gt
" Adjust viewports to the same size
map <Leader>= <C-w>=
imap <Leader>= <Esc> <C-w>=
" Load local settings.
if filereadable(expand('~/.vim/local/.gvimrc'))
execute 'source ' . expand('~/.vim/local/.gvimrc')
" }}}