New experimental parser for JPA-QL queries
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Hibernate Query Parser

Experimental new parser for HQL and JPA-QL queries, to convert these into SQL and other different targets such as Lucene queries, Map/Reduce queries for NoSQL stores, make it possible to perform more sophisticated SQL transformations.


There is much to do and many tests to be ported from the existing parser or added from scratch; anyone is welcome to help by sending pull requests, commenting the code on github directly or by by using the mailing list or IRC chat channels:

Bug Reports:

Source and credits

The grammar and parser code is based on the antlr3 branch previously developed for Hibernate 3; the original code by Steve Ebersole and Alexandre Porcelli can be found on the archived Hibernate subversion repository.


This software and its documentation are distributed under the terms of the FSF Lesser GNU Public License (see license.txt).