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Code examples of the Hibernate University at Devoxx 2010

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Demos of the Hibernate University at Devoxx

All of them are in finished state. They are not necessarily meant to be run but published more as a way to show the code.

= Loose how to
If you really want to run them:
 - start a H2 server (see demo/db/ you need h2 under ~/Download/h2
 - run once the createNewXxx() method from the test class
 - run the queries from the test class
 This applies for criteria and querydsl, not for beanvalidation
= JPA 2 Criteria API
The criteria API demo is under demo/criteria

= Hibernate Search Query DSL
The Hibernate Search Query DSL demo is under demo/querydsl

= Bean Validation and Hibernate Search
The Bean Validation and Hibernate Search is under demo/beanvalidation
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