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What's ejies?

The ejies is a collection of abstractions utilities, digital signal processing, JavaScripts and Java tools I have developed in Max for my own pedagogical purposes, using the knowledge I gained while teaching at Ircam.

Take a look at e--j dev's website to learn more about it.


This version requires Max 7.1 or higher.

Older Version compatibility:

  • Max < 7.1 use ejies 3.2
  • Max 6.0.x: use ejies 3.0b2
  • Max 5.1.7 or higher, use ejies 3.0b1
  • Max 4.6.x, you might want to download ejies 1.58.


Java externals:

  • ej.buffer2l: output "meaningful" samples of a buffer as a list
  • ej.dx2x: create a list from intervals
  • ej.fplay: Non-graphical multi-breakpoint function editor
  • ej.ftom: Frequency to MIDI (with tuning adjustment, works for lists)
  • ej.l2buffer: fill a buffer~ with a list
  • ej.lchange: aware of list changes
  • ej.lclip: constrains a list within a certain range
  • ej.ldrunk: drunk for list
  • ej.linterp: more than a list interpolator
  • ej.lop: basic mathematic operations on (big) list
  • ej.lquant: Quantize a stream of number or a list (sort of multiple rounding process)
  • ej.lscale: maps input range of lists to output range
  • ej.lslide: smooth-out changes in list
  • ej.mmmm: calculate minimum, mean, median and maximum
  • ej.mtof: MIDI to Frequency (with tuning adjustment, works for lists)
  • ej.urn: like urn, for larger random range
  • ej.x2dx: get the interval between successive values of a list


  • ej.4m.js: (obsolete) calculate minimum, mean, median and maximum
  • Change object Color
  • Change Name of named object
  • ej.cycle.js: send value to different outlets
  • ej.dn.js: display a named object
  • ej.lock.js: get/set locked mode
  • ej.lui.js: use the arguement to load a jsui file.
  • ej.nthru.js: like thru object (number of inlet/outlet can change)
  • ej.op.js: Open subPatcher
  • ej.route.js: route data types


  • ej.function.js: multi bpf editor (compatible with the function object)
  • ej.led.js: new jsui... which does the same as the standard LED object / button object
  • ej.numbox.js: an alternative number box


  • ej.dialog: alternative dialog box for text entry
  • ej.jit.preview: (BPatcher) Patcher window with slowing down
  • ej.line: multi-segment line
  • ej.mout~: panpot on multiple output
  • ej.vdb~: Variable delay without clicks or transposition (cheaper than vdb~ in the Bennies)
  • ej.vdb-sig~: Same as ej.vdb~ but accepts signal as delay time
  • jit.getparam: grab attributes/message from jitter (and others?) objects
  • jit.fullscreen: create a jit.window on the second screen
  • kaf: kill and activate finder (OS X only, shell object required)
  • kd&u: report key down (1) and up (0)
  • ptt: push to talk (usefull during conferences...)
  • splay~: sound file player with interface
  • stout~: control stereo (replace dac~ or ezdac~)


Collection of Aqua sliders.


Use Max's package manager or Drag the folder in one of Max's supported Package folders.


If you have question or need assistance, visit e--j dev support.