Thunderbird Add-on Plugin - open Google Calendar inside a Thunderbird tab
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Open Google Calendar

This is the official source code for the Open Google Calendar (Thunderbird Add-on).

It's a fork of repository archived Google Calendar Tab but compatible with Thunderbird Version 60.*

This extension uses the new special tab features of Thunderbird 3 to open Google Calendar inside a Thunderbird tab. The Open Google Calendar extension was created as an example extension which could be copied for other sites to use. Eventually this system will likely be replaced by something like Jetpack for Thunderbird which would make it much easier to create and distribute simple tab opening extensions like this one.

How it Works

(after installing release/opengooglecalendar.xpi)

This extension adds a "tab shortcut" to the tab bar as well as an item to the Tools menu which will open up Google Calendar in a new tab.

On first use you should see the Google Calendar login page. When you login you will be prompted by a notification bar which can save your username and password for the site. This password can be removed from the Security -> Passwords section of your preferences.


See Contributing for more details on how you can help.

License GPL-2


Authors : Emmanuel ROECKER & Rym BOUCHAGOUR

Web Development -

Original Author of Google Calendar Tab

Bryan Clark

The original add-on:

The original code:


If this project help you reduce time, feel free to send any amount through paypal :)