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KindleGen Docker container

A light-weight (Alpine Linux based) Docker container image for KindleGen. Has KindleGen set as the entrypoint.

This image is a fork of James Gregory's KindleGen Docker image. You can see the original image here:


docker run emmanuelrosa/kindlegen

 Amazon kindlegen(Linux) V2.9 build 0730-890adc2
 A command line e-book compiler
 Copyright and its Affiliates 2013

Usage : kindlegen [filename.opf/.htm/.html/.epub/.zip or directory] [-c0 or -c1 or c2] [-verbose] [-western] [-o <file name>]

A /source directory is created in the container, which can be mapped for use with relative file paths. kindlegen will always be run from the /source directory in the container.

docker run -v `pwd`:/source jagregory/kindlegen input.epub


Dowloading KindleGen typically requires agreement to terms of use. Obviously this image bypasses that need, but I recommend you review the terms anyway.