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@@ -6,54 +6,53 @@
<script src="script.js"></script>
- <h1>Phone-hacking scandal: Who's who</h1>
- <p>As another public figure resigns in the wake of the phone-hacking scandal, we look at the tangled web that links various individuals.</p>
<div class="phone-hacking">
+ <h1>Phone-hacking scandal: <span>Who's who</span></h1>
<div class="col first">
<h2>News Corporation</h2>
<ul class="news-corp">
<li data-refs="jm em rb" class="rm">
<h3>Rupert Murdoch <span>CEO, News Corporation</span></h3>
- <img src="images/rm.jpg" />
+ <img src="images/rm.jpg" alt="" />
<li>Father of James Murdoch and Elisabeth Murdoch</li>
<li>Employed Rebekah Brooks</li>
<li data-refs="tt" class="jm"><h3>James Murdoch <span>Chairman and CEO, Europe and Asia, News Corporation</span></h3>
- <img src="images/jm.jpg" />
+ <img src="images/jm.jpg" alt="" />
<li>Employed James Harding, editor of The Times</li>
<li data-refs="mf" class="em"><h3>Elisabeth Murdoch <span>Founder, Shine Productions</span></h3>
- <img src="images/em.jpg" />
+ <img src="images/em.jpg" alt="" />
<li>Married to Matthew Freud</li>
- <li data-refs="dc" class="ac arrested"><h3>Andy Coulson <span>Former Editor, News of the World under Les Hinton</span></h3>
- <img src="images/ac.jpg" />
+ <li data-refs="dc" class="ac arrested"><h3>Andy Coulson <span>Former Editor, News of the World under Les Hinton (arrested)</span></h3>
+ <img src="images/ac.jpg" alt="" />
<li>Employed by David Cameron (Jul 2007 to Jan 2011)</li>
- <li data-refs="ac ch mp" class="nw arrested"><h3>Neil Wallis <span>Consultant, Outside Organisation</span></h3>
- <img src="images/nw.jpg" />
+ <li data-refs="ac ch mp" class="nw arrested"><h3>Neil Wallis <span>Consultant, Outside Organisation (arrested)</span></h3>
+ <img src="images/nw.jpg" alt="" />
<li>Former deputy to Andy Coulson</li>
<li>PR adviser to Champneys; Metropolitan Police</li>
<li data-refs="rm" class="resigned lh"><h3>Les Hinton <span>CEO, Dow Jones &amp; Company (resigned)</span></h3>
- <img src="images/lh.jpg" />
+ <img src="images/lh.jpg" alt="" />
<li>Key lieutenant to Rupert Murdoch</li>
- <li data-refs="rm jm cb dc" class="rb resigned arrested"><h3>Rebekah Brooks <span>CEO, News International (resigned)</span></h3>
- <img src="images/rb.jpg" />
+ <li data-refs="rm jm cb dc" class="rb resigned arrested"><h3>Rebekah Brooks <span>CEO, News International (resigned, arrested)</span></h3>
+ <img src="images/rb.jpg" alt="" />
<li>Employed by Rupert Murdoch</li>
<li>Editor under James Murdoch</li>
@@ -62,13 +61,13 @@
<li data-refs="ah" class="tt"><h3>The Times</h3>
- <img src="images/tt.jpg" />
+ <img src="images/tt.jpg" alt="" />
<li>Part of News Corp, The Times employed Hayman as a columnist</li>
<li data-refs="rm jm" class="bsb"><h3>BSkyB <span>Broadcaster</span></h3>
- <img src="images/bsb.gif" />
+ <img src="images/bsb.gif" alt="" />
<li>Former takeover target of Rupert Murdoch</li>
<li>Directors considering the future of James Murdoch as Chair</li>
@@ -80,34 +79,34 @@
<ul class="others">
<li data-refs="ac nc sh" class="gu"><h3>The Guardian</h3>
- <img src="images/gu.jpg" />
+ <img src="images/gu.jpg" alt="" />
<li>Gave information on Andy Coulson to Nick Clegg; Steve Hilton</li>
<li data-refs="dc ch rb" class="cb"><h3>Charlie Brooks <span>Horse trainer</span></h3>
- <img src="images/cb.jpg" />
+ <img src="images/cb.jpg" alt="" />
<li>Friends with David Cameron at Eton</li>
<li>Runs therapy centre at Champneys</li>
<li>Married to Rebekah Brooks</li>
<li data-refs="kv ps" class="sp"><h3>Stephen Purdew <span>Co-owner, Champneys health resorts</span></h3>
- <img src="images/sp.jpg" />
+ <img src="images/sp.jpg" alt="" />
<li>Friends with Keith Vaz; Sir Paul Stephenson</li>
<li data-refs="dc rm em" class="mf"><h3>Matthew Freud <span>Founder, Freud Communications</span></h3>
- <img src="images/mf.jpg" />
+ <img src="images/mf.jpg" alt="" />
<li>Funded private jet to facilitate David Cameron's meeting with Rupert Murdoch in 2008</li>
<li>Married to Elisabeth Murdoch</li>
<li data-refs="ps nw cb" class="ch"><h3>Champneys <span>Health spa</span></h3>
- <img src="images/ch.jpg" />
+ <img src="images/ch.jpg" alt="" />
<li>Sir Paul Stephenson enjoyed a five-week stay at Champneys</li>
<li>Neil Wallis provided PR advice to Champneys</li>
@@ -121,19 +120,19 @@
<h2>Metropolitan Police</h2>
<ul class="met">
<li data-refs="sp ch" class="ps resigned"><h3>Sir Paul Stephenson <span>Commissioner, Metropolitan Police (resigned)</span></h3>
- <img src="images/ps.jpg" />
+ <img src="images/ps.jpg" alt="" />
<li>Friends with Stephen Purdew, he enjoyed a five-week free stay at Champneys</li>
<li data-refs="ah" class="jy resigned"><h3>John Yates <span>Assistant commissioner, Metropolitan Police (resigned)</span></h3>
- <img src="images/jy.jpg" />
+ <img src="images/jy.jpg" alt="" />
<li>Oversaw the first phone-hacking investigation with Andy Hayman</li>
<li data-refs="jy tt" class="ah"><h3>Andy Hayman <span>Former assistant commissioner, Metropolitan Police</span></h3>
- <img src="images/ah.jpg" />
+ <img src="images/ah.jpg" alt="" />
<li>Oversaw the first phone-hacking investigation with John Yates</li>
<li>Columnist for The Times</li>
@@ -145,7 +144,7 @@
<ul class="politicians">
<li data-refs="cb ac rb jw" class="dc"><h3>David Cameron <span>Prime Minister</span></h3>
- <img src="images/dc.jpg" />
+ <img src="images/dc.jpg" alt="" />
<li>Friends at Eton with Charlie Brooks</li>
<li>Employed Andy Coulson (Jul 2007 to Jan 2011)</li>
@@ -154,40 +153,41 @@
<li data-refs="gu dc" class="nc"><h3>Nick Clegg <span>Deputy prime minister</span></h3>
- <img src="images/nc.jpg" />
+ <img src="images/nc.jpg" alt="" />
<li>Received information from The Guardian</li>
<li>Forwarded information to David Cameron</li>
<li data-refs="rb em lh dc" class="jw"><h3>John Whittingdale <span>Chair, culture, media and sport committee</span></h3>
- <img src="images/jw.jpg" />
+ <img src="images/jw.jpg" alt="" />
<li>Facebook friends with Rebekah Brooks; Elisabeth Murdoch; Les Hinton</li>
<li>Conservative party links to David Cameron</li>
<li data-refs="sp ah jy" class="kv"><h3>Keith Vaz <span>Chair, home affairs committee</span></h3>
- <img src="images/kv.jpg" />
+ <img src="images/kv.jpg" alt="" />
<li>Friends with Stephen Purdew</li>
<li>Committee interviewed Andy Hayman and John Yates</li>
<li data-refs="gu el" class="sh"><h3>Steve Hilton <span>Director of strategy for David Cameron</span></h3>
- <img src="images/sh.jpg" />
+ <img src="images/sh.jpg" alt="" />
<li>Received information from The Guardian</li>
<li>Forwarded information to Edward Llewellyn</li>
<li data-refs="dc" class="el"><h3>Edward Llewellyn <span>No 10 chief of staff</span></h3>
- <img src="images/el.jpg" />
+ <img src="images/el.jpg" alt="" />
<li>Did not forward information to David Cameron</li>
15 style.css
@@ -5,19 +5,14 @@ body
width: 1080px;
+.js-on .phone-hacking
background: url(images/circle2.gif) no-repeat 10px 10px;
position: relative;
overflow: hidden;
height: 670px;
- background: url(images/resigned.gif) no-repeat 0 0;
vertical-align: bottom;
@@ -44,8 +39,14 @@ h1, h2, h3, p, li
font-size: 21px;
- line-height: 19px;
+ line-height: 24px;
margin: 0 0 15px;
+ width: 200px;
+h1 span
+ display: block;

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