An unofficial fork of Wakaba with lots of added features, including IPv6, FastCGI support, DNSBL, remote spam files and more.
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Wakaba 3.0.8 + modifications by Emma

This is the heavily modified version of Wakaba. See the feature list below. Note that it isn't nearly as clean and polished as the standard Wakaba distribution is; it's intended for advanced users only.

This README assumes you're already familiar with the standard Wakaba distribution. If you aren't, you can get it here: Please do not ask for support on the Wakaba support board, as they are not responsible for the stuff I create.

Note: This project is pretty much dead. I'll probably make a good alternative some day, but for now, your best option will probably be to use one of the many Tinyboard forks out there.

What this includes

  • General stuff
    • Transparent and animated thumbnails.
    • Pretty file sizes instead of using bytes.
    • Optional sage checkbox instead of email field. (enabled by default)
    • Retains original file names.
    • Built-in banner rotation (similar to 4chan's).
    • Post report system.
    • The ability to force thread subjects.
    • Thread list.
    • RSS.
    • An unfinished Kareha-like template.
    • An option for turning off bumping for posts without images.
    • Cross-board citations (e.g. >>>/b/9001)
  • Management panel.
    • Pagination for posts. Makes it a lot easier to moderate boards with tens of thousands of posts.
    • HTML is removed from post snippets.
    • User accounts with fine-grained permission settings.
    • Post editing for admins.
    • SQL dumps of all tables available.
    • Expiring bans.
  • Spam protection
    • Referrer checking.
    • Advanced DNSBL support. Examples are provided in the config.
    • Remote spam definition files, i.e. you can fetch spam definitions from a web location.
    • Synchronisation of spam definition files (merges every file into one).
  • Other
    • The ability to define "event handlers", which are basically anonymous subroutines that are executed when something happens (i.e. when a post is made, or a post is reported).
    • Two security-related fixes.
    • Various fixes for JavaScript errors, etc.
    • FastCGI support. Unfinished and buggy, but works.
    • Partial IPv6 support (relies on Net::IP).
    • Much easier oekaki setup. Simply get a copy of Shi-Painter and Palette Selfy and dump them into the root folder.
    • Other things I forgot.

What this doesn't include

  • Stickies.
  • HTML 5 modifications from Wakaba 3.0.9 haven't been ported over. XHTML is better for debugging because it makes an error show up in your browser whenever you screwed up (if USE_XHTML is enabled), and there's no practical difference anyway.
  • IPv4 CIDR was removed because it only worked on 32-bit systems. Use full masks (i.e. instead.
  • IPv6 range ban/deleting doesn't work because 128-bit integers aren't present in MySQL. I'm not sure what to do about this.
  • The Gurochan style was removed because it's ugly.
  • The various translations included with Wakaba have been removed because they were out-of-date.

Bugs/what is untested

  • Load balancing (it shouldn't be broken, though; I haven't touched anything related to it)
  • Rebuilding caches prints shit in your error log because of the ALTER TABLE commands.
  • SQLite support is probably broken.
  • Perl <5.10 should work, but this is completely untested.

How to use

Standard installation

  1. Copy all files to the web server.
  2. Copy to and edit it.
  3. Create a user account for yourself using this SQL command: INSERT INTO users VALUES(null, 'yourusernamehere', 'yourpasswordhere', 0, 9999, 'youremailaddresshere', '');
  4. Make sure, and have the executable (+x) bit.
  5. Hit in your browser.

Upgrading from a standard Wakaba

  1. Replace all the board files with new ones.
  2. Hit in your browser to create new database tables.
  3. Create a user account for yourself using this SQL command: INSERT INTO users VALUES(null, 'yourusernamehere', 'yourpasswordhere', 0, 9999, 'youremailaddresshere', '');
  4. Log in and rebuild caches.

Using PHP wrappers

Use this solution if you have Perl on the server, but no means of running (Fast)CGI scripts on the web server. Note that you need the non-standard DBI Perl module installed, or it won't work.

  1. Copy everything from extras/php_wrappers/ into the root folder.
  2. Copy to and edit it.
  3. Make sure you can't access from the web.
  4. Change CAPTCHA_SCRIPT in your config to reflect the .php extension.
  5. Hit wakaba.php in your browser.

You can put something like this in .htaccess to prevent access to Perl files:

<Files *.pl>
    Deny from all

Support and further development

There are currently no plans of further development, except to finish the Kareha/2ch template and perhaps get range bans for IPv6 sorted out somehow. I was planning to add multi-board support at one point, but it would be better, IMHO, to write a new script from scratch and take multiple boards into consideration from the beginning.

Licence & disclaimer

This program is free software. It comes without any warranty, to the extent permitted by applicable law. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License, Version 2, as published by Sam Hocevar. See for more details.