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I 💚 ixi lang

Can you live-code pop music? I'm going to try.

I've forgotten most of the Supercollider I once knew so I thought a way to get back into it might be to start using ixi lang and making my own synthdefs. I'm now a bit in love, and writing as much in it as I possibly can.

There's a mix here of album tracks, live versions, and drafts of things that may or may not ever be finished (some of which were intended for other bands).

Finished tracks are:

  • Bloom
  • The Seaside Town
  • N1C
  • -> (interlude) (instrumental)
  • Sunset Drive
  • Loop
  • Perseids
  • Surface
  • Six very bare-bones templates for improvised instrumentals

This repository was set up when I was invited to play the TOPLAP Moot in Sheffield on the 1st of September 2018, and used this repository to build a live set, which ultimately became my mini-album Tell Me I Can Fix This On My Own.

If you are having difficulty installing ixi lang yourself, have a look at my tips and tricks blog post.


Can you live-code pop music? I'm going to try.



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