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A complete Windows IoT class library for the Raspberry Pi "Sense HAT" (C#)

The solution contains the following projects:
*) Rpi.SenseHat
*) RPi.SenseHat.Demo.Core
*) RPi.SenseHat.Demo.UWP
*) RPi.SenseHat.Tools

The Rpi.SenseHat is the main library. It contains a nice API to the Raspberry Sense HAT in C#. The Rpi.SenseHat is dependent on the RTIMULibCS project, which is a library for managing the sensor readings from the Sense HAT. That project is currently a copy of another github repository until no NuGet of it is available.

The RPi.SenseHat.Demo.* projects are applications that you can run on the Raspberry Pi. It doesn't utilize the regular UI, so there is no need to connect it to a monitor using the HDMI port. The application comes with a number of demos. You must choose what demo to run by modifying the code in the "DemoSelector" class. It should be fairly obvious what to do there. :-)

The RPi.SenseHat.Tools is a regular Windows console application that was used to test out some of the calculations that was needed in the actual library. It also contains the process of converting a bitmap holding a font image into a "compiled" byte array that can be used by the font classes of the Sense HAT library.

To get started with the UWP demo (running on a Raspberry Pi with Windows 10 IoT Core):

*) Open the solution in Visual Studio.

*) Make sure the "RPi.SenseHat.Demo.UWP" project is the start-up project.

*) Choose "ARM" as the solution platform.

*) Direct the debugging to a "Remote Machine" -- and make sure you enter the IP-address of your Raspberry Pi (and no authentication should be used).

*) Edit the DemoSelector class (in the root of the "RPi.SenseHat.Demo" project) to select which demo to run.

*) Run!

Regarding thread safety:

The SenseHatFactory.Singleton.GetSenseHat() call is thread-safe, but the rest of the API is not.

It's deliberately not thread-safe to maximize performance, so you should avoid calling (for instance) the Update method on the sensors simultaneously from different threads (but you may call it from any thread).


A complete Windows IoT class library for the Raspberry Pi "Sense HAT" (C#)




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