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This repository is deprecated and not maintained anymore


Useful authentication module to help you connect your App with Sellmate. REST API Documentation is also available here.


$ npm install sellmate-utils

or add it to your project dependencies package.json

"dependencies": {
	"sellmate-utils": "*"

Quick start - OAuth2

  1. Create a new OAuth2 object with some parameters (host is optional, default is ''):

    var oa = new OAuth2(client_id, client_secret, redirectUri, host);
    e.g.: var oa = new OAuth2('1234', 'qwertasdfgzxcv', 'http://localhost:8888/callback');
  2. Get the OAuth Request Token URL and call it (parameters are optional, i.e. shop):

    var authUrl = oa.getAuthorizeUrl(params);
    e.g.: var authUrl = oa.getAuthorizeUrl({ 'shop': 'my-shop' });
  3. Your App should have a callback servlet (i.e. http://localhost:8888/callback) where you get the notification with the code as a query parameter. Then you can request an AccessToken:

    oa.getAccessToken(code, {
    	'shop': 'my-shop',
    	'grant_type': 'authorization_code',
    }, function(error, response, body) {
    	// The body response contains some parameters among which you will 
    	// find the `access_token` and the `refresh_token`

Quick start - REST

  1. Create a new Rest object with the target url and the parameters needed for the authentication (mac_key and access_token):

    var target = "<shop-handle>/rest/<resource>";	
    var rest = new Rest(target, {
    	"mac_key": "abcd",
    	"access_token": "abcd"
  2. Use one of the four verbs CRUD to access a resource:

    rest.GET(function(error, response, body){
    	// Handle callback
  3. You can also request the Authorization Header with:

    var authHeader = rest.getAuthHeader();