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Community Port information

This is the "Community Port" for Kia and Hyundai.

The port was started by Andrew Frahn of Emmertex.
@ku7 on commaai Slack, and ku7 tech on youtube Please support the port, and if you can, please help support me!

What is special about this port?

It's unfettered awesome with no corporate fears! Where non standard features were made by someone other than me @ku7, they are credited with there Slack Username

Based on OpenPilot 0.5.8 from

  • Do not disable when Accelerator is depressed (MAD button*)
  • Disable auto-steering on blinker, but leave OP engaged
    • Disabled on first blink, and stays disabled until 1 second of no blinking.
  • Sounds! (Thanks Sid and @BogGyver and #Tesla in general) (SND button*)
  • Tesla UI (Thanks everyone in #Tesla)
    • 3 Switch positions change the display, you probably want it far left.*
  • Advanced Lane Change Assist (Thanks @BogGyver) (ALCA button*)*
    • And with Blind Spot Detection for any Kia/Hyundai with it
  • Panda auto-detects Camera Pinout
    • And now so does OP! LKAS on CAN 2 or CAN 3, it doesn't matter!
  • No need for giraffe switches, If no EON, then forwards stock camera (Thanks @JamesT-1)
  • Dashcam Recorder (Thanks @pjlao307)
  • Full Time Stock LKAS passthrough*
    • Including High Beam Assist and Automatic Emergency Braking, Blind Spot, Traffic Sign Detection, and more.
    • This includes Land Departure Warning, but stock LKAS must be enabled for this.
  • Optional Dynamic Stock and OP Steering. The moment OP isn't steering, it switched back to Stock (LKAS button*)*
  • ** Temporarily removed ** CLI Based Real Time Tuning (Thanks @JamesT-1)
  • Unsupported cars default to A special 'unsupported car'. This should work for most cars.
  • Cruise Setpoint set from OSM Speed Limit*
  • Compress when not uploading
  • Automatically detects CAN Specifics (checksum, SCC, so on)
  • New Lateral Control from @Gernby
  • Probably other things I have forgotten
  • Has known issues

Known issues

  • ALCA (Advanced Lane Change Assist) is not properly tuned. Use with caution
  • CAM (Stock LKAS Forwarding) occasionally silenetly faults, turning off stock LKAS
  • Auto Speed Setpoint Control is irregular, the button spamming works perfect some times, not at all others
  • Tri-State Switch is currently broken in NEOS, NEOS fix is needed
  • Touch Events don't work properly in the new NEOS, changes are needed
  • Panda Safety doesn't really exist


We welcome both pull requests and issues on github. Bug fixes and new car ports encouraged.

We also have a bounty program.

Want to get paid to work on openpilot? is hiring


openpilot is released under the MIT license. Some parts of the software are released under other licenses as specified.

Any user of this software shall indemnify and hold harmless, Inc. and its directors, officers, employees, agents, stockholders, affiliates, subcontractors and customers from and against all allegations, claims, actions, suits, demands, damages, liabilities, obligations, losses, settlements, judgments, costs and expenses (including without limitation attorneys’ fees and costs) which arise out of, relate to or result from any use of this software by user.