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Official documentation site for Emmet toolkit

Currently, the main web-site skeleton is finished (maybe a few bugs out there), and I’m currently writing documentation for Emmet toolkit. Documentation itself is located in src/documents folder.

The web-site uses DocPad for static site generation and Grunt.js for building front-end assets. Both of these project uses custom plugins for building and documents generation, which might be described later.

Local setup

To run this web-site locally, you need the following dependencies:

  1. Node.JS >= v0.6
  2. NPM
  3. DocPad and Grunt.js installed globally: npm install -g docpad && npm install -g grunt

Running local web-site instance

  1. Clone this repo (note that this project uses submodules, please use --recursive option) and go to the cloned folder
  2. Run npm install to install all project local dependencies
  3. Run docpad run. This command will build all JS & CSS assets, generate static HTML-page and set-up local web-server (usually http://localhost:9778/) where generated web-site can be viewed.

Note that you should view the web-site only with local web-server since generated pages contains absolute, cache-busted references to CSS and JS files.

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